Kassiopi-a refuge on the foothills of Mount Pantokrator

Kassiopi is a traditional village situated in the northeast part of Corfu Island. Kassiopi reveals a great history throughout the time. It used to be a fishers’ village, but now it constitutes a remarkable touristic resort opposite to the shoreline of Albania. The surrounding landscape creates controversial views thanks to the natural combination of the imposing Mount Pantokrator and the white-pebbled coasts with crystal waters.

Its rich vegetation attracts nature lovers, while two of the nearby beaches known as Kalamonias and Imerolia offer the possibility of exercising water sports. On the other hand, Kanoni beach is ideal for diving into the sea. The village itself is a picturesque port with Venetian touches, which embraces perfectly the sunset. Its religious history dates back to 16th century with the monastery of miraculous Panagia Kassopitra.

Nowadays, the monastery is open to the public and is celebrated on 8th of May, the celebration day of the miracle of blind Stephanos. Many restaurants and small touristic shops can also be found in the village, while during the night it transforms into an intense nightlife spot. Thanks to its tradition, the village is well-known for its local viands and especially its luscious seafood.

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