Corfu-the jewel of the Ionian Sea

Corfu is the second largest of Ionian Islands and well-known for its multicultural history and contrasting landscape. Corfu was annexed to Greece in 1864 and since then it remains one of the most beautiful islands all over the country. Nevertheless, it has never lost its historical touch thanks to the coexistence of Greek temples, Byzantine churches and Venetian remains.

At some point, history met with religion, which plays an important role in the everyday life of Corfiots. The temple of Saint Spiridon constitutes the centre of Orthodoxy. Many festive or everyday customs are deeply connected to the religion, especially when the Easter comes with its melancholic melodies. Corfu is particularly worth-visiting during Spring and Summer, since it pledges to offer variable types of vacation.

However, many travellers and pilgrims visit Corfu specifically on 12th of December, which is dedicated to Saint Spiridon the Wonderworker. Litanies and philharmonic orchestras cross the narrow streets of Old Town and thus represent the wealth of the Corfiot culture. When it comes to landscape, lacy coasts and imposing mounts bejewel the natural composition of the island, always accompanied by majestic views towards the Ionian Sea.

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